Thanks for praying

Praise God that several Japanese women were baptized last Saturday. One shared, "From now on I want to learn more about Jesus' teachings, and worship Him, and follow Him."

Praise God that Kim's students are responding to the questions Kim asks. Here's how 1 student responded to a short-answer test question, "What is the Cultural Mandate?": "The Cultural Mandate says, 'Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it.' We are to develop the social world (schools, governments, families, law, etc.) and use what we can from God’s creation to create culture and civilization."

Praise God that Hitachinaka, a church started by our mission, will go independent on Monday, October 12. 

Ask God to help the 10th graders grow as leaders. During their upcoming leadership unit that Michael helped design, the 10th graders will focus on 4 key questions: How can you be an effective servant leader? What do you learn about God through studying His creation? What is wrong with the world? How can you make a difference?