5 words

If you were to summarize last Saturday through today in 5 words, what you say? 

I'd say relief, blossoms, fever, aftershocks, and discussion:
  1. Last Saturday, CAJ staff transported fruits and vegetables as part up north part of the relief effort.
  2. On Sunday, the cherry blossoms were really out. CAJ's campus was beautiful.
  3. Monday, Anneke had a fever and didn't go to school Tuesday-Friday. She's feeling better now.
  4. Throughout the week, we continued to experience aftershocks. Japan has had over 1000 earthquake/afterschocks since 3/11.
  5. On Thursday, Kim led her last book discussion on Productive GroupWork and said it went well. Meanwhile, Michael was in discussions related to preparing for CAJ's April 19 board meeting.

Please continue to pray:
  • Ask God to help Christians share God's love with earthquake/tsunami victims. (Here's a video of Michael's friend Takeshi talking with a Japanese pastor about relief efforts.)
  • Ask God to stabilize the nuclear plant situation.
  • Praise God that Kim's book discussion and Michael's coaching workshop for missionaries both went well.

—Michael & Kim
P.S. To learn more about Japan's current situation or to give a gift to provide relief, please visit: