What's going well for you?

Here's what's going well for us:
  • Kim is excited that a student wrote, "Christians know that we will face death at some point, but we should be honored to live such a life God has given us. Life has worth because we are made in the image of God."
  • Michael developed 3 sets of questions CAJ teachers can use to deepen their understanding of Christian education (coursesubject, and creation-fall-redemption-restoration).
Please keep praying:
  • Praise God that we've been healthy all through cold/flu season. Please keep praying.
  • Ask God to provide the teachers CAJ needs for next school year (science, learning resource center).
  • Praise God that CAJ teachers are applying the 18 hours of Biblical perspective training Michael provided. As a result, CAJ students are better connecting what they study and what the Bible teaches. 
We're grateful for you prayers, financial support, and friendship.